Exotel Partners with ICXP to Promote CX Best Practices

Siddhartha Behara - Senior sales manager, APAC, Exotel, Sri Safitri Chairlady of ICXP, Raman M K - Head of International Marketing, Exotel

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 10, 2022: Exotel, the emerging market’s leading full-stack customer engagement platform, has now become a member of the Indonesia Customer Experience Professionals (ICXP) association. The membership is a key step towards Exotel’s broader initiatives to expand their reach in emerging markets, especially those within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Exotel is currently the leader in the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) segment in emerging markets with almost 90% of the top 100+ unicorns of India using their services to deliver personalised human+AI-powered customer experience through 15+ million customer interactions daily.

Sharing cultural and historic ties, Indonesia’s journey with building and exponentially scaling their digital economy draws many parallels with India. It is a key country for Exotel, being the second largest market within which the company operates. Partnering with ICXP represents a major milestone in Exotel’s
journey with Indonesia, as it allows for increased collaboration for advancing the practice of customer engagement management in the country. As Exotel’s operations in the country grow, the company also plans to intensify their local presence by establishing an office in Jakarta within the next 1 year.

Commenting on the association with ICXP, Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-Founder and CEO, Exotel, said, “The experience economy is rapidly changing organisational strategy, making customer experience a more crucial function than ever before. As companies prepare to scale their CX management
procedures to adapt to their customers’ growing expectations, competition within the space is increasing across all industries. We hope that with this partnership with ICXP, we will be more equipped to promote the most current and best practices in customer experience management, and disrupt the
space within the Indonesian market.”

“Indonesia is having an aspiration to be a service led country like Singapore and Japan in 2045. Talents and capabilities in CX are much more important to achieve that aspiration. We hope that through our partnership with Exotel, CX management in Indonesia will be accelerated.” said Sri Safitri, Chairlady of ICXP.